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THEORY OF INTERACTION The Simplest Explanation of Everything:
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9789549103441 - Savov, Eugene: THEORY OF INTERACTION The Simplest Explanation of Everything
Savov, Eugene (?):

THEORY OF INTERACTION The Simplest Explanation of Everything (2002) (?)

ISBN: 9789549103441 (?) или 9549103447, непознат език, Geones Books, Geones Books, Geones Books, Нов, Ebook, цифрово изтегляне

От продавач/антиквар
The proposed, third for the last one hundred years, picture of the universe lacks the basic flaws of the big bang theory and explains many puzzling observations in the near and distant space. A small part of the book requires a space physics background, while most of it is written in a highly explanatory, sometimes entertaining, language. This makes the presented ideas and findings accessible to non-scientists and scientists of all persuasions. It is shown that complexity originates in the observer's mind from the discovered amazingly simple structure of reality. The book asks too many questions, gives answers, tells attractive puzzles and extraordinary predictions. Everybody interested in the origin of the universe, life and mind will be deeply thrilled by the disclosed counterintuitive simplicity of nature. The simplicity of explanation can be challenged only with a greater simplicity because of the principle of economy, which is a basic tool in science, technology and engineering. This principle says that it is a vanity to do with more what can be done with less. Nothing is simpler than one self-reproducing interaction, whose multiscale similar outcomes account for everything. The author discovered this spirally contracting and expanding interaction and the consequent fireworks like universe beginning in 1991. The book brings to light his surprising findings and their confirmation by considerations and too many observations. It is well known that nothing is more practical than a good theory. So the improvement of the quality of life depends on the advance of knowledge. The revealed firework universe rocks with its stunning self-consistence as it lucidly explains the perplexing matter-antimatter asymmetry, the normal galaxies at the fringes of the observable universe, the creation of galaxies, stars and planets, the origin of life, consciousness and many other enigmatic phenomena.
Продавачът пореден номер: 2473f2aa-4289-4c89-a6bd-d8f96c572a62
Платформата пореден номер Kobobooks.fr: 101159789549103441
Категория: Physics
Ключови думи: THEORY OF INTERACTION The Simplest Explanation of Everything Savov, Eugene Astrophysics & Space Science Physics 9789549103441
Данни от 22.03.2017 11:01h
ISBN (алтернативни означения): 954-91034-4-7, 978-954-91034-4-1


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